Hotel guide in Ella

Guide to finding places to stay in Ella

The town of Ella has been a traveller’s favorite hill country village for decades. The scenery through Ella is strikingly beautiful, and on a night with clear skies travellers can even catch a glimpse of the refined Great Basses Lighthouse located off the town of Hambantota in the south of Sri Lanka. A little bit of adventure awaits those who enjoy hiking and discovering nature’s best. Travellers can enjoy leisurely strolls through tea plantations, ancient temples, and even breathtaking waterfalls. For those who look forward to feasting on a Sri Lankan meal, can enjoy a home cooked meal and even extend the pampering with an Ayurvedic spa treatment.

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Nuwera Eliya

Nuwara Eliya: Highlights of the High Life

Nuwaraeliya meaning "city of light" is Sri Lanka’s tea plantation hub located at an elevation of 1900m in the island’s central highlands. Due to its colonial history and European-esque weather, the Nuwaraeliya attractions are unique and a welcome break from the tropical heat of the island’s lowlands.

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Budget Travel in Kandy

Travelling has been transformed from an activity that was deemed necessary to something that people engage in as a hobby. Some even give up everything that they have for a whole year or two to just travel around the world. The cost of travelling between countries has reduced and the advancement of technology and means of transportation through the years have made this possible. The concept of budget travel is something for the environmentally conscious, or the minimalist individual. The city of kandy sri lanka will have a lot to offer to the budget traveler.

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Coffee Shop

Best Coffee Shops in Colombo – Munch, Sip and Mingle

Are you looking for a place to chill out with friends or family on a warm Saturday morning or sultry Sunday afternoon in Colombo? Fret not, worry not, the city has evolved in to a hub for tasteful coffee shops and relaxing venues to hang out at affordable prices.

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