Terms and Conditions

1. General

These terms and conditions apply to any and all activities including but not limited to the use of the site www.starclub.lk, owned and operated by Star Club (Pvt) Ltd (hereinafter sometimes referred to as “the Website”). These terms and conditions will extend and be applicable to the Star Club Network and any and all other third party websites and services rendered and associated with Star Club (Pvt) Ltd.

The terms and conditions given here may be amended from time to time at the discretion of Star Club (Pvt) Ltd, and will apply to all services rendered directly or indirectly by Star Club (Pvt) Ltd online, offline or any other medium. Accessing, browsing and using our website or any of our applications or services through which ever medium or platform is at your discretion and we thoroughly advice you to go through these terms and conditions and the privacy policy (www.starclub.lk/privacypolicy). By continuously using this site or any other site or service rendered by the Star Club Network you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of these terms and conditions you should not use this website or any service rendered by Star Club (Pvt) Ltd.

Any and all use of www.starclub.lk and the Star Club Network and any form of communication, written or otherwise, to Star Club (Pvt) Ltd for the purpose of travel arrangements or any other reason confirms that you are 18 years of age or above and have fully read, understood and accepted the extent of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are devised for the protection of all parties.

By continuously using this site and any other application available under the Star Club network you agree to deal with Star Club and if a reservation is confirmed, you agree to deal with the relevant accommodation partner. If you violate any of the terms and conditions given here and/or on any other area of the site and/or any provided to you by the accommodation partner, we will communicate with the accommodation partner and terminate your reservation and/or impose penalties on you depending on the scope of the violation and/or for any damages caused.

You will be fully responsible to pay for all charges including fees, duties, taxes, service charges, handling fees incurred by using the Website and its services. You will also be fully responsible to pay for all charges including fees, duties, taxes, service charges and/or handling fees incurred due to the usage of the Website and its services by a third party, on your behalf, with or without your consent. 

Star Club (Pvt) Ltd. and its systems and applications will be addressed as Star Club, Star Club Network, System, us, we, our, site or website (including abbreviations) and You will be referred to as user, visitor or guest (including abbreviations) in this document.

2. Scope of Services

Through the website and its network of platforms and services, Star Club provides facilities for guests to reserve temporary accommodation(s) in the form of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, guest houses and any and all type of accommodation and related services. Accommodation providers may advertise and sell their property on the website (provided that the guidelines set by Star Club are met) and visitors may reserve these properties based on the given rate and availability.

By making the reservation through Star Club, you enter into a direct contractual relationship with us and the relevant accommodation provider. From the point of you entering the site and confirming the reservation we act solely as an intermediary between you and the accommodation provider. We will send your information (including the specifics of the reservation and the personal information you have entered) to the accommodation provider and a subsequent email will be sent to you on behalf of the accommodation provider with the specifics of your confirmed reservation. Your reservation will be considered as confirmed only after this email is generated and received by all parties.

The information provided to you about the accommodation is disclosed by us based on the information provided to us by the accommodation provider. The accommodation provider is also given access to an extranet which can be used to update the information of their property including but not limited to images, descriptions, facilities, rates, inventory, offers etc. The accommodation provider is solely responsible for the accuracy of all the information displayed in any and all Star Club websites, systems and applications and Star Club will not be held accountable for any discrepancies in the information displayed on the website.

Star Club, to the best of our skill and ability, will try to assist the accommodation provider in keeping the listing updated. However, we cannot and will not verify or guarantee that the information is accurate, complete or correct. Star Club or any of our associates will not be held responsible for any errors or shortcomings in any and all accommodation listings.  

We always strive to provide you with the best possible service and we rely on the best systems to do so. However, all our systems are built on third party systems; no system is fully error free and Star Club will not be held responsible for any interruptions that may arise due to temporary errors or downtimes due to upgrades, maintenance, repairs and breakdowns of the website or other related applications.

Star Club shall not be held liable for the quality of the accommodation, service level, qualification, certification or legal state of an accommodation listed on any of our websites or applications. We merely provide the information which is freely available and act as an intermediary between the guest and the accommodation and have no claim or stake in the operation of the accommodation. 

The services rendered by Star Club are strictly for personal and non-commercial use only. Under no circumstance are you allowed to re-sell, deep-link, use, scrape, copy, download, monitor, access, display, republish, reproduce any information including pictorial and textual content, software, services, applications or systems available on the Website or any Star Club Network for any and all commercial, competitive and/or other purpose(s).

3. Rates

The rates given on our site are given and managed through the accommodation partner and contains the best rate possible (as agreed by the accommodations partner). The final rate includes VAT, other taxes (if applicable and subject to change) and service charge. Any variation to this rule will be stated clearly on the website or in the confirmation email.

Different rate plans may be subject to different conditions and restrictions as decided by the accommodation partner in its sole discretion. Each reservation type will carry a specific set of terms and conditions and we encourage you to read and fully understand the scope of these terms and conditions prior to confirming the reservation. The website will contain different rate plans (regardless of the currency) and the rates are subject to change at the discretion of the accommodation partner. 

The rates listed on the website may vary depending on whether the guest is a Sri Lankan, Sri Lankan resident visa holder or foreign national. Different rate categories will be made available based on the different sectors, demographics and geographies. These rates will only be applicable if the given criteria are matched. In the event the given criteria are not matched and the reservation is made, the guest is liable to pay the difference during checking in and without any dispute. The difference may be waived off at the sole discretion of the accommodation partner. In case of any dispute the accommodation partner may cancel the reservation at their sole discretion by providing written notice to the guest and Star Club.   

The rates listed on the site are subject to change without prior notice and the rates are updated frequently and there can be more than one rate for a certain room category. We suggest that you go through the options given and reserve the most suited option for your stay. Once the reservation is confirmed, you may cancel or amend the reservation without penalty (subject to hotel policy) as long as you are not within the “no refund” period (see amendments and cancelations).

3.1 Crossed out rate

The crossed out rate displayed under the current bookable rate is a rate which is taken within a 90 day span of the date of reservation. The 90 day span will be 45 days prior and 45 days after the date of check in. The cross out rate is given to show that the hotel has a better deal at that particular moment. If the hotel is carrying the highest rate during the time frame then the cross out rate will not be displayed. We will compare the current rate with other rate types including other offers. However, in order to make sure that the comparison is fair we will compare the rate with similar conditions such as meal plan and room type.

3.2 Currency based rate types

Star Club may display rates in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) and/or in United States Dollars (USD). The LKR rate is only valid for Sri Lankans, and a reservation can be confirmed by entering and validating the National Identity Card number of Sri Lanka. The USD rate is freely available to be booked without restriction (unless otherwise specified).

3.3 Rates for Sri Lankan nationals

Sri Lankan nationals are eligible to make the reservation in any Rupee (LKR) rate (unless otherwise specified).

The guest making the reservation (for you or for a third party) has to enter the requested information in order to verify authenticity. When making a reservation for a third party the guest has to provide the NIC details during check-in to avoid any misunderstandings. If the guest is unable to do so then the difference in rate will be charged from either the guest or from the individual making the original reservation. Any difference will be charged before the guest checks out.

If you and/or such third party accompanies any foreign national, then the standard foreign rate of the hotel will be applicable (based on hotel policy). The difference will be charged before checking into the hotel.

3.4   Reservations made for third parties

If you are making a reservation for a third party you may do so while making the reservation. You are required to enter the relevant information of the guest who will be visiting the hotel. If you are making a reservation on the LKR rate then the guest who is visiting the property has to be of Sri Lankan nationality and the NIC has to be produced during checking. If the guest is unable to do so then the hotel may charge the standard USD rate and the guest visiting the hotel will have to pay the difference during check-in.

3.5   Price policy

The price you pay for your reservation is provided and set by the accommodation partner. However, the prices are subject to change based on areas which are beyond the control of Star Club and/or the accommodation partner, such as government action (including but not limited to changes in taxation) and/or changes in exchange rates. The price you pay for your reservation is subject to change with these variations and you are liable to pay the difference in a situation such as this. If you do not agree to pay the difference you may cancel the reservation (depending on hotel policy) and the relevant amount will be refunded minus any handling fees.

3.5 Best Rate Guarantee

We are always looking to provide you with the best possible option for your hotel stay at the best possible price. Should you find a lower rate for the same reservation conditions (same room type, meal plan, for the same number of guests on the same date of making the reservation for the same check-in and check-out period) after you confirm the reservation with Star Club, we will give you the difference in price.

You should provide the link of the alternate rate and screen shots to prove your claim. We will revert to you within 48 hours of receiving your claim notice.

Provided that the best rate guarantee will not be applicable when the rate you receive is through:


  1. Auction sites which do not show the hotel name or the brand till the booking is finalized;
  2. Websites selling hotels as a part of their travel package including but not limited to hotel stay and car rental, multiple night stays, multiple hotel stays and flight and hotel stay;
  3. Special discounts including but not limited to government discounts, travel agent and tour operator discounts, long stay discounts, senior citizen discounts and club discounts;
  4. Unpublished rates including but not limited to corporate rates, negotiated rates, off the shelf rates, travel agent and tour operator rates;
  5. Deal sites that provide special deals for limited times; and
  6. Bulk sites, selling rooms in bulk and discounted rates.


We will genuinely evaluate your claim and try to provide you with a reasonable solution. However, Star Club (Pvt) Ltd expressly reserves the right to evaluate the validity of your claim and in case of any dispute, the decision of Star Club shall be final.

3.6 Exchange rates and currency loss

Star Club will not be liable for any loss in currency due to the fluctuations of exchange rate.

3.7 Obvious Errors

Star Club will not be liable for any obvious errors and mistakes (including misprints, system errors and human error) and these errors and mistakes are not binding.

In the case of any dispute, Star Club (with the agreement of the accommodation partner) will cancel the reservation and refund the amount in full to the guest, minus any handling fees and loss in exchange rate.

4. Our services

Our services are provided to you at no charge. We do not charge you a premium on top the of the hotel rate. We provide you the direct rates given to us by the hotel.

The accommodation provider pays us a fair commission for every confirmed reservation and for using the star club network and its services. 

5. Payment

You may use a credit card provided to you by your bank to confirm your reservation. A reservation can be confirmed in any of the following methods described below:

Pay now – The customer will pay the amount in full when confirming the reservation.

Pay later – The customer will confirm the booking and the amount will not be charged upfront. A value of LKR 100 (Hundred Sri Lankan Rupees) for bookings confirmed on the LKR rate and value of USD 1 (One United States Dollar) for bookings confirmed on the USD rate will be blocked/charged to authenticate your credit card. The full amount will be charged when checking-in to the hotel or on the “no refund/cancellation” date as per the hotel cancellation policy. If the hotel cancellation policy states that only a portion of the amount will be charged on the “no refund/cancellation” date, then we will charge the relevant amount from the customer through the payment details provided by the customer.

Your details are safe with us. The payment will be handled by our secure systems which have been tried and tested by the relevant authorities (third party payment processors, SSL certification providers etc.)

For certain rate categories and special offers the accommodation partner may require that the full amount be paid upfront (based on hotel policy) and your credit card may be pre-authorized or charged in full (sometimes without any option for refund – see reservation policy) upon confirming the reservation. We suggest you thoroughly check the rate/offer details before confirming the reservation.

In case of credit card fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by another party(s), most credit card companies and the banks will take the risk of compensation. Star Club will not be held responsible for any such liabilities. However, we will assist you the best we can and provide the necessary information for you to justify your claim. In similar situation(s) you may request for a charge back through the bank and/or credit card company. We will provide the necessary details and gather information from the accommodation partner as well. If the accommodation partner can prove your stay at the hotel then we will decline the charge back request as services rendered.    

5.1 Method of payment

Payments can be made through 1) Credit cards (Visa, Master, American Express) or 2) bank transfer (all additional fees related to the transfer will be borne by you).

When paying through the credit card you will be using our secure internet payment gateway available on our website www.starclub.lk/reservations. We have taken every precaution possible to secure your credit card details and to be  compliant with security standards and protocols set by banks and/or third party payment gateway service providers.

6. Amendments, Cancellations, No-Shows

We strongly advise that you read and understand all the terms and conditions before confirming any reservation with Star Club. Once the reservation is confirmed, the terms and conditions (including but not limited to amendments, cancellation, no-show polices and no refund policies) will be applicable for all services rendered by the accommodation provider. The amendment, cancellation, no-show and refund policies may vary per reservation and by confirming the reservation you agree that you have read and understood the full extent of the given terms and conditions. Certain rates or special offers are not eligible for amendments and/or cancellation. This information can be found in the terms and conditions of each rate type/offer type and all terms and conditions pertaining to a reservation are subject to the accommodation provider and at its discretion.

In the case of an emergency, you may request the accommodation provider for an amendment, cancellation or refund and they may provide concessions at their discretion.

If you are unable to visit the hotel due to Force Majeure, you must provide the necessary evidence and the hotel may provide the necessary concessions.

In the case that the amount cannot be charged from the card (pay later option) on the date of no-cancelation/no-refund then either the accommodation partner or Star Club will attempt to contact you through the information you have provided. Updated payment information (credit card details) should be sent to Star Club within 48 hours or the accommodation partner has the right to cancel your reservation and release the rooms for sale.

If you wish to amend or cancel your reservation then you may do so by using the amendment options given though Star Club, contacting Star Club directly via mail or by contacting the accommodation provider directly. Penalties may be applicable depending on the terms and conditions applicable to the relevant reservation.

6.1 Transfers

While the accommodation partner will to the best of their ability honor the conditions of your reservation there may be times where the accommodation partner may request to transfer you to an alternate location due to an overbooking and/or due to any other unforeseen circumstances which would result in the accommodation partner not being able to accommodate you during the given time frame.

During such an occasion, the accommodation partner may transfer you to a similar or higher category hotel, to a similar or higher category room type, on a similar or higher category meal plan. If you feel that the alternation accommodation given to you is unfair we urge you to contact Star Club and we will do everything we can to make sure that the accommodation partner honours the terms of the transfer.

If you do not agree to the alternate accommodation provided, then you may cancel the reservation and the full amount will be reimbursed (minus transfer cost and/or loss in exchange rate).

6.2 Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy for each reservation will be subject to the accommodation provider’s cancellation policy. Different reservations, rate types and special offers may contain different cancellation policies and as such will be subject to the specific policies of the accommodation provider.

6.3 Date changes

You may request for a change of dates and depending on availability, the accommodation provider may agree to your request. However if the rate on the alternate day is higher you will have to pay the difference. If the previous amount paid is higher than the alternate date and depending on hotel policy you may use the balance for extras. In no event will the difference be refunded to you.  

6.4 Airport transfer

If you require an airport transfer you may mention it in your reservation. The request will be directly handled by the accommodation partner.

6.5 Disputes

In case of any dispute we will try our best to accommodate your requests. However, if the request cannot be accommodated, Star Club has the right to inform the accommodation partner and the guest and cancel the reservation. The amount in full (minus any bank charges, exchange loss and handling fees) will be refunded to the guest.  

7. Confirmation email and correspondence

A confirmation email will be sent after you confirm the reservation on the site. This email is auto generated and as such we advise you not to respond to this email directly. If you do not receive an email within an hour of confirming the reservation please contact info@starclub.lk. Please mention your name as stated in the reservation form, reservation ID, name of hotel reserved, date of check in and contact number. The confirmation email will contain the specifics of your reservation, more information about the accommodation and nearby places, value additions, amendment details and third party information and/or promotions. We recommend that you carry a copy of this reservation during check in, in order to avoid any confusion. The hotel may also request your Sri Lankan NIC or Passport to validate your identity.

We may also send other emails to you regarding your stay at the reserved accommodation. These mails will be sent with the objective of providing you with additional options and in order to add value to your stay.

If you have signed up for our newsletter, we will send you the latest version of our newsletter on the date of publication. We may also send you offers and value additions which can be used to confirm reservation in future.

If you have any inquiries or require further information please contact us through info@starclub.lk or call us on +94 112 686 044 (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm excluding Sri Lankan holidays)

8. Travel Insurance

We strongly advise that you take travel insurance at the time of confirming your flight plans. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all persons travelling with you and the equipment you will be carrying.

9. Responsibility

All reservation, transactions and travel plans are finalized and mediated on the basis that you and the accommodation partner will act in a responsible manner. We will try to mitigate all disputes and/or inconveniences that may arise, however there may be instances that it is not possible to avoid such circumstances. We request that you be fair and reasonable in your requests.

10. Hotel List and Ranking

The hotels listed under each destination will load on its default view and the ranking of each accommodation is calculated by a fully automated algorithm maintained by Star Club based on multiple criteria which may include relevance, price, popularity, review score etc. Each criterion will have its own weight and will affect the hotel ranking. The algorithm will be continuously developed in order to give you the best possible option for your stay. The default ranking system will provide you with a list of accommodations based on the review score assigned to each listing. You may alter the default list by using the search filters given. 

10.1 Sponsored Hotels

Sponsored hotels may move independent of the organic listing of other hotels by sponsoring their respective listing by biding for a certain position. These listings will be marked for easy recognition.

11. Guest Reviews

You may publish a review about your stay at a given accommodation after your stay at the property. Reviews can only be published by individuals who have made a reservation through the Website. Your review of the hotel and the ranking you give will be an indication for other like-minded travelers and your review score will be calculated in determining the ranking of each accommodation. 

Each review will be reviewed by Star Club and will be published if the review is fair and just by all parties and retain the right to publish the review in its sole discretion. The accommodation partner will have the opportunity to respond to the review by posting a management response, which again will be reviewed by Star Club.

In any event, if the accommodation partner brings to our attention a review which is unfair in the accommodation partner’s perspective, Star Club may re-review the guest review and may take the review off the site, in its sole discretion.

Guest reviews are an option given by Star Club so that other like-minded travelers may have a better understanding about the services and facilities the accommodation provider offers and as such, we request that the review is written accurately and in reference to your experience during your visit to the property and remain as unbiased as possible. 

12. Third party websites and services

Star Club will be working with third parties for services in terms of technology, travel planning, accommodations etc. We are not liable for the extent or the quality of these services.

Star Club may also have external links to third party websites and services. These links are provided for your convenience only and we strongly suggest that you read and understand the terms and conditions of these third parties before obtaining their services.

13. Information security

You hereby confirm that the information provided by you is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. We will treat all the information that you provide with utmost care and security. Please go through our privacy policy to have a complete understanding about our security protocols www.starclub.lk/privacypolicy 

14. Disclaimer

Star Club acts as an intermediary service provider of accommodation to guests who are looking for temporary accommodation during their travels. Star Club cannot and will not be held liable for any damage caused to you during your travels and/or stay and/or within and without the scope of your travels.  Star Club and any of the related parties whether it be directors, employees, representatives, affiliates, partners and/or third party service providers will not be liable for:

  1. Any punitive, special, direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage to revenue, profit, contract, good will and reputation, loss of claim to any other party including the guest and/or the accommodation partner;
  2. Any inaccuracy related to content (pictorial and textual) including rates and availability depicted on the site;
  3. Accommodation and services rendered by the accommodation partner;
  4. Any loss in information or monies before, while and after using the website or any related application in the Star Club network; and/or
  5. Any harm (injury, death, property damage or other) that you or any other party may suffer due to acts, gross negligence, willful misconduct, misrepresentation, force majeure or any other event(s) that is beyond the control of Star Club.

By uploading information (pictorial or textual) to any of our applications, you agree that the Star Club has the right to republish, reproduce and use the information provided by you through reviews and any other medium as we may see fit. Once uploaded and within the Star Club network you agree and grant Star Club non-exclusive, world-wide, irrevocable, unconditional rights and agree that Star Club has the right to these images and text and will use it at our discretion. Star Club will not be liable for the validity and accuracy of the images given by you. Any inaccuracy, prejudice, harm, damage, loss in good-will and reputation or any other negative impact on the accommodation partner or any other party will not be the liability of Star Club and the full responsibility of the pictures and the content will remain with the original individual who produced the content. The original owner of the content and the individual who uploads the information to the Star Club network (if not uploaded by the original owner) warrants that the content is free of any viruses, Trojan horses, infectious or malicious software and does not contain any pornographic, illegal, insulting and or inappropriate material and does not infringe any intellectual property rights. Any and all damages caused to Star Club and/or the accommodation partner due to such content will be the direct liability of the individual(s) and such individual will be held responsible for his/her actions. The individual(s) will be fully liable to pay/compensate for any and all damages caused to Star Club and/or the accommodation partner.

Any content generated by the user and is deemed by Star Club to be inappropriate will be removed from the Star Club network without prior notice to the owner and at the sole discretion of Star Club.

15. Intellectual Property Rights

All Star Club systems are proprietary systems owned by Star Club (Pvt) Ltd and are protected by the Intellectual Property Act No. 36 of 2003 of Sri Lanka. Star Club exclusively retains the rights to all pictorial and textual content on the site. You may not copy, scrape, deep link to, publish, promote, market, combine or/and use any information that is available on the Star Club network without the prior written consent of Star Club and its management.

16. Severability

Any one or more clauses, stipulations or provisions contained herein, or any part thereof, which is declared or adjudged to be illegal, invalid, prohibited or unenforceable under any applicable law in any jurisdiction shall be ineffective to the extent of such illegality, invalidity, prohibition or unenforceability without invalidating, vitiating or rendering unenforceable the remaining clauses, stipulations or provisions of these conditions, and any such illegality, invalidity, prohibition or unenforceability in any jurisdiction shall not invalidate, vitiate or render unenforceable any such clauses, stipulations or provisions in any other jurisdiction.

17. Complaints

We will always aim to solve any and all concerns that you may have in a reasonable manner. If you are unable to resolve any concern that you may have by a phone call, or any concern that arises at the accommodation during your stay or before, we would request that you send us a written email explaining the circumstances of the situation. We will do our best to resolve the issue and provide an amicable solution. The written complaint should be sent to us no later than 14 days from the date of departure from the relevant hotel. If you are unable to do so we might not be able to provide a reasonable solution to your situation.

Please mail your concerns to info@starclub.lk  

18. Governing law and jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by, interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of Sri Lanka. You agree that the courts of Sri Lanka shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine any action or proceeding arising out of or in connection with this Agreement and for that purpose you irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of such courts.

19. Other

Star Club (Pvt) Ltd. has its registered address at No. 1, Castle Avenue, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka, and is an Online Travel Agent (OTA) dedicated to providing hotel travel options to potential travelers or guests. The site and the associated systems act as an online information hub and reservation engine. The system(s) allows property owners to brand, market and sell products and services available in their portfolio. The services will be rendered to the property at a reasonable and fair rate of investment.

20. Validity

The above mentioned terms and conditions are valid from the 1st of May 2016.

Last updated: 04.05.2016